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A chimney survey maybe required for any number of reasons. It could be to establish the suitability of a chimney for safe use or to find a solution to a problem. A survey may also be required to establish damage, if any, after a chimney fire or storm event. The survey will give an overall idea of the condition of the chimney from a structural point of view and can include the condition of the chimney capping, plaster or blockwork, lead flashing and other areas that could be causing a rain water/ moisture ingress problem.

Carbon monoxide can be fatal. A survey may simply be for your own peace of mind. Our surveys are very detailed and will cover the chimney from the ground up to the very top. We incorporate a number of different methods and equipment when carrying out a survey. A survey is carried out internally throughout the house and attic area as well as externally from the roof area.

The equipment involved in most of our surveys would be draught meters, smoke and spillage pellets, dedicated chimney CCTV cameras as well as other tools and equipment unique to our trade. All our CCTV surveys are carried out only after we give the chimney a thorough cleaning first. This gives the best chance of showing up damage or points of concern within the chimney shaft.

It is our knowledge and experience however that is our best tool available to us when surveying a chimney. We have surveyed 1000’s of chimneys over the years. It is our speciality, so it is no surprise then that surveying a chimney is second nature to us.

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