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We take chimney cleaning to the next level. Our service technicians have been professionally trained in chimney cleaning. This training is carried out by Rodtech. Accepted as one of the world leaders in chimney cleaning technology. It is their tried and tested equipment that we use. We don’t use cheap equipment that frankly gives a cheap result.

The days of shoving a chimney brush up your chimney and expect it to do a proper job are long gone. Our equipment is “Award winning Industry Approved Power Sweeping Equipment”. If you’re going to pay to have your chimney cleaned, then insist that it’s done right. It’s your money and your home after all.

Our technicians are experienced at appliance maintenance and servicing. We maintain every type of appliance that can be connected to your chimney. From open fires, back boilers, ranges, stoves and boilers. We have the tools and equipment specific to each job and appliance.

We take chimney cleaning serious and we stand over our work. We will sign off on all of our cleans and provide you with a copy of the clean/maintenance report should you ever need it in the future. This record may be required by your insurance should you wish to make a claim for damage.


We also run a very successful maintenance schedule. This is where future cleans or services are agreed between the technician and the customer are entered onto our purpose designed database. In most cases it is only once a year but this allows you to forget about your chimney until you receive a reminder from us of a scheduled maintenance or clean.

Customers who have signed up to a maintenance schedule benefit from the peace of mind that their chimney is being kept clean and safe, as well the reduced costs associated with us being able to set up runs of cleans in particular areas and of course a record of all the cleans are stored on our database for future reference.

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