Installation of Stoves

Stoves have become very popular in Ireland in the past few years. This is due to the rising cost of fuel and the economic benefits of a stove over an open fire, as well as the more affordable costs of stoves readily available in Ireland at present. A stove, whether cheap or expensive will only ever work correctly if installed in the proper way.

Fortunately for CSM ltd, there are so many stoves out there that haven been fitted incorrectly or have even been installed in a downright dangerous fashion. Handy men, know-it-alls, and some lesser skilled “stove specialists” have all been guilty of taken the quick cash and doing a poor job in return. You get what you pay for.

A properly installed stove should draft the way it is designed to, give off the heat it is designed to and should be free from concerns like smoke escape, carbon monoxide escape or even fire risk to the property and most importantly should be installed in a manner that allows it to be cleaned and serviced as necessary.

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